The Handworks Story…

Selling is not my purpose, it’s a means to restore this building, to revitalize our community, and to bring people together!

Cathy Campbell & Dorry Lea Davis

Cathy Campbell originally started out in 2005, selling gifts and handmade items with her friend Bennett Sellers in a local mall in Helena, Arkansas. Their philosophy was, “Don’t sell anything we wouldn’t have in our own homes, and offer great customer service.”

After restoring an historic building (the old Bert’s TV Store, for you Helenians) with her husband Rick for their daughter’s wedding in 2008, Cathy expanded her business to 227 Cherry Street in downtown Helena, AR. What started out as a part-time hobby had become a full-time business. In 2012, by popular demand, Cathy and her daughter, Dorry Lea launched this online instance of Handworks. Today, Handworks continues to welcome customers to historic Helena (and to the internet) for a unique shopping experience.